Homologous Genes


DIVERGE  v.2.0

Detect functional divergence between member genes fast and easy.

Genome2D  v.3.17

Genome2D visualizes a bacterial genome with all its individual genes on a single computer screen genome enables quick identification of biologically relevant information such as gene orientation, operon structure,


Gene Machine: The Lac Operon  v.1.03

Gene Machine: The Lac Operon create gene networks. Build a gene network! The lac operon is a set of genes which are responsible for the metabolism of lactose in some bacterial cells.

Sequence Matrix  v.1.7.8

Analyze phylogenetic data matrices with this tool. Sequence Matrix facilitates the assembly of phylogenetic data matrices with multiple genes. Files for individual genes are dragged and dropped into a window and the sequences are concatenated.

MANTiS  v.1.1

Build a relational database integrating, in a phylogenetic framework. MANTiS is an software system that: builds a relational database integrating, in a phylogenetic framework, all Ensembl genes,

PaGE (Patterns from Gene Expression)  v.5.0.1

PaGE (Patterns from Gene Expression) is free downloadable program for microarray analisys. PaGE can be used to produce sets of differentially expressed genes with confidence measures attached.

Biomorphs  v.3.5

Analyze the limitations of selection on genes with this tool. Biomorphs help you demonstrate the potential and the limitations of selection acting on genes and development.

Gene Visualizer  v.1.0

Gene Visualizer is a software for visually exploring genes. Gene Visualizer display an organisms genes visually. The software takes two sets of genes as input. One is a list of an organisms predicted genes,

GenemiR  v.1.0

GenemiR is a software aimed at biologists and bioinformaticians who wish to find prediction and expression patterns in sets of microRNAs and genes. The software works with mouse and human target prediction and expression data.

SeqWord Sniffer  v.1.0

SeqWord Sniffer is a Genomic DNA sequence automatic searcher, do an automatic search in genomic DNA sequences for loci enriched with the horizontally transferred elements, fitness genes, giant genes, genes for ribosomal RNA and proteins.

BAMarray  v.3.0.0

Bayesian analysis of variance for microarrays. BAMarray implements the BAM tehcnique. BAM is a new statistical technique for detecting differentially expressing genes from microarray data.

GO-Elite  v.1.2.3

Gene Ontology analysis made easy. GO-Elite is an software designed to identify a non-redundant set of Gene Ontology (GO) terms (1) or pathways (WikiPathways (2)) to describe a particular set of genes.

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